Cumulative Lending, Grant, and Technical Assistance Commitments


Total amount of commitments and projects per ADB developing member country, as of 19 April 2023.

Figures are based on ADB's new performance measure of “commitments,” or the amount of loans, grants, and investments signed in a given year. ADB introduced this measure in 2017 to promote project readiness at approval stage, expedite post-approval steps, and get closer to project disbursement, by placing more emphasis on when the projects are signed, rather than when they are approved by ADB’s Board of Directors.


  • Grants and technical assistance include ADB-administered cofinancing.
  • Includes sovereign and nonsovereign loans and technical assistance.
  • Using primary sector in reporting of commitments.
  • Numbers may not sum precisely because of rounding.

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Asian Development Bank / CTL

Financial, loans, technical assistance, grants, disbursements, and commitments data published by ADB’s Controller’s Department (CTL).

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