Operational Procurement Statistics Dashboard (ProcDash)


This section presents operational procurement statistics by nationality of the contractor. Data can be filtered according to contract year, modality, nature of procurement, region, sector, nationality, and borrowing country.

Key note: Nationality corresponds to the place of incorporation or the location of the head office (center of administration) of the contractor. In the case where the supplier/contractor is a subsidiary of an international corporation, the subsidiary’s place of incorporation should be used to determine the nationality of the contractor which should still be an ADB member, unless a waiver to procure from non-members has been secured. For consulting services, the home office of the consulting firm would be the country of procurement of the services. In case of a joint venture, the nationality of the lead firm representing the joint venture or associations serves as the nationality. In case of an individual, the nationality is as indicated in the passport and the consultant registration.

The database currently shows data as of 31 October 2023.