Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2022: Statistical Appendix Tables


This dataset contains data from the Statistical Appendix tables of the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2022, presenting 18 tables of selected economic indicators for the 46 developing member economies of the Asian Development Bank.

  • Table A1 Growth rate of GDP (% per year)
  • Table A2 Growth rate of GDP per capita(% per year)
  • Table A3 Growth rate of value added in agriculture (% per year)
  • Table A4 Growth rate of value added in industry (% per year)
  • Table A5 Growth rate of value added in services (% per year)
  • Table A6 Inflation (% per year)
  • Table A7 Change in money supply (% per year)
  • Table A8 Central government revenues (% of GDP)
  • Table A9 Central government expenditures (% of GDP)
  • Table A10 Fiscal balance of central government (% of GDP)
  • Table A11 Growth rate of merchandise exports (% per year)
  • Table A12 Growth rate of merchandise imports (% per year)
  • Table A13 Trade balance ($ million)
  • Table A14 Current account balance (% of GDP)
  • Table A15 Exchange rates to the United States dollar (annual average)
  • Table A16 Gross international reserves ($ million)
  • Table A17 External debt outstanding ($ million)
  • Table A18 Debt service ratio (% of exports of goods and services)

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