Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2021 Update Chart Data: Vaccines, Variants, and Asia’s Uneven Recovery


This dataset contains data from part 1 of the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2021, providing the outlook on economic growth in the Asia and Pacific region, and the effects from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

  • Figure 1.1.1 Daily new COVID-19 cases in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.2 Vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Figure 1.1.3 COVID-19 death rate and vaccination coverage, March–August 2021
  • Figure 1.1.4 Demand-side contributions to growth in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.5 Manufacturing purchasing managers’ index in developing Asia, Q1–Q3 2021
  • Figure 1.1.6 Manufacturing output growth and COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Figure 1.1.7 Headline inflation in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.8 Global commodity prices
  • Figure 1.1.9 Food and energy prices in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.10 Headline, core inflation, and inflation targets in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.11 Real export volume in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.12 Sector contributions to nominal export growth in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.13 Nominal export growth in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.14 Sector contributions to nominal export growth by developing Asia subregion
  • Figure 1.1.15 Container freight rates
  • Figure 1.1.16 Changes in remittances in developing Asia, 2020 and Q1 2021
  • Figure 1.1.17 International tourist arrivals in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.18 Fiscal impulses in developing Asia, 2020–2022
  • Figure 1.1.19 Gross public debt in developing Asian economies
  • Figure 1.1.20 Monthly changes in policy interest rates in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.21 Exchange rate changes in developing Asian economies
  • Figure 1.1.22 Currency depreciations and appreciations in developing Asian economies
  • Figure 1.1.23 Foreign portfolio flows into developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.24 Foreign investment flows into developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.25 Equity indices in developing Asian markets
  • Figure 1.1.26 J. P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index stripped spreads in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.27 COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States, euro area, and Japan
  • Figure 1.1.28 Growth outlook in developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.29 Revisions in growth forecasts for developing Asian economies
  • Figure 1.1.30 New manufacturing export orders index for developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.31 Gap between GDP forecasts and their COVID-19 prepandemic trend in developing Asia, 2022
  • Figure 1.1.32 Inflation forecasts for developing Asia
  • Figure 1.1.33 Changes to inflation forecasts for subregions in developing Asia, 2021
  • Figure 1.1.34 Current account dynamics in developing Asia
  • Table 1.1.1 GDP growth rate in developing Asia, % per year
  • Box 1.1 Estimated effect of COVID-19 vaccines on containment stringency
  • Box 2.1 Market shares of major semiconductor chip manufacturers, %
  • Box 2.2 US producer price index for semiconductor chips and other electronics components
  • Box 2.3 Average duration between orders and delivery of semiconductor chips
  • Box 2.4 Share of vehicles and electronics excluding chips, 2019
  • Box 3.1 Population shares in developing Asia with insufficient food consumption, April 2021

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